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Chick‑fil‑A® Ellisville loves to give back and is proud to be a community partner.

Please fill out the Fundraising Form below and we will review it for consideration.Please provide your request 4-6 weeks prior to your event to allow us time to plan with you and make your event a success.

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Spirit Event

Spirit Events are the ultimate low-cost, no-effort fund-raiser! Just invite the community to eat delicious Chick-fil-A® Chicken. Teachers, kids and families simply bring Spirit Event forms to the participating Chick-fil-A restaurant on your designated Spirit Event, and your group enjoys a share of the profits from that evening’s sales.The more forms you turn in, the more money you earn! Everyone in your organization can participate simply by enjoying a delicious Chick-fil-A meal!

Please fill out form below and a Community Team Member will reach out to you directly.

front of house
Part-Time Chick-fil-A® Evening Cashier
Payscale:$13 - $15.50 per hour
Mornings/Daytime Cashier
Payscale:$15 - $16.50 per hour
back of house
Chick-fil-A® Kitchen Director
Payscale:Starting at $18 per hour
Benefits-Chick-fil-A Ellisville
Chick-fil-A® Director of Training and Development
Payscale:$16 - $18 per hour
Chick-fil-A® Catering Manager
Payscale:$16 - $20 per hour